Action Group ~ For Students in Grades 6-8.

July 23-28 PC Camp and Power Connection
The event will be held from 7/23–7/28.  Our event this year will be held in Minneapolis, MN.  This is a great opportunity for our middle schoolers to begin to find out who they are or want to be in life.   This program is for students that are in grades 6-8th.  
We will be holding fundraisers for the students to help earn funds to cover the cost of the event.  We encourage each student that is interested in attending Power Connection to attend these fundraisers.  It’s a great way for students to invest into their future.
If financial assistance is still needed, please call Tim Devitt 605-941-2113.    
We will be putting together more information as we get closer to our departure date and will send out information as needed.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 605-366-3802 or
Feel free to call or email the office with any questions at 605-987-5645 or